This is an example of what you can do, if sometime in your childhood you’ve malfunctioned somehow. It is Strongly recommended if you experienced the smallest attraction to this kind of behavior to do a RMN, CAT or any other alien brain scanning procedure.


O duminica linistita?

- Poate pentru voi!

Iata pe unde ne puteti gasi…


20 Mai 2012 – Maraton MTB – Defileul Jiului XC Maraton

CORB Challenge Days 2012 – Targu Jiu


CORB Challenge Days 2011 – Targu Jiu


05 Mai 2010 – Iesire la Stana (Aro M461)




09 Noiembrie 2008

02 Noiembrie 2008

28 Septembrie 2008

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    best off

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